Status of Current Con-con Resolutions by State

Last updated 10-31-15 Based on Research by Andrew Carver The states were last updated 10-31-15. The latest significant updates apply to: California (adjournment) Maine – HP 956, SP 499 (both dead) Massachusetts – hearings held Oct. 28, for H 3127 and H 3318 Michigan – SB 0306 (passed Senate;...
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For Whom the Court Toils

by Andrew Carver What most Americans considered unthinkable just a few decades ago — Supreme Court mandated recognition of same-sex marriage —is now reality. Those concerned about the widespread attack on traditional morality and the family would do well to learn more about what the Supreme Court has done,...
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The Court’s Strange Argument in Obergefell

By Andrew Carver Same-sex-marriage supporters had generally expected the Supreme Court to pursue in Obergefell v. Hodges the line of argument usually taken in same-sex marriage cases that had been brought in state courts. That line was based on the Fourteenth Amendment’s “equal protection” clause, which forbids every state...
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The Power of the Purse

by Tom Gow “Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said Congress has a duty to decide how money should be spent and can’t see how Obama would be able to say Republicans were shutting down the government when they were offering to fund all of it except for Planned Parenthood.” —...
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Conviction, Courage, Commitment

A talk delivered by FFS Chapter Leader Mrs. Julianne Young at the FFS Freedom Rally in Shelley, Idaho on Saturday, September 12, 2015 I would like to invite you to imagine with me for a moment a scene from a movie. This movie follows a common plot. An evil...
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Women in Combat

by Tom Tow On September 10, 2015, the U.S. Marine Corps released an executive summary of a nine-month study of how an integrated force of men and women performs in a combat environment. The summary included some tempered resistance to the revolutionary feminist drive to open up combat roles...
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Nullification’s Five Deadly Secrets

by Andrew Carver An old theoretical “remedy” for overgrown or tyrannical federal government, namely the states’ “nullification” of unconstitutional laws or rulings, has gained some new advocates of late. Of course, any proposed solution to that serious problem — and particularly one purportedly championed by Thomas Jefferson (see “The...
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The Founders’ Battle over the Nullification Heresy

by Andrew Carver Although nullification itself was not discussed much at the time of the Constitution’s drafting and ratification, the consensus at that time was that authoritative decisions about the constitutionality of federal laws would be the province of the federal courts, not the states. This was the view...
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State Nullification of “Unconstitutional” Federal Laws

by Tom Gow “‘Nullification,’ the theory that states can invalidate federal laws that they deem unconstitutional, had its heyday in the slavery debate that preceded the Civil War, but it has found new currency since 2010. “The theory has never been validated by a federal court, yet some Republican...
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