Last Updated: July 17, 2016
Vote/Issue: 579/H.J. Res. 117

We seek to reverse the systematic erosion of the foundations for a free society and reestablish limited government under the Constitution.

How We Succeed

To put the American Dream back on track requires leadership for an ambitious, but realistic plan to overcome the powerful forces, agendas, and deceptions that threaten our freedom.

The solution is to build a leadership core of responsible grassroots Americans who understand the pervasive subversion of correct principles.

With wise and persistent use of the power of truth, that uncorrupted core informs and mobilizes public opinion locally to supply Congress with the missing backbone to force government back under the Constitution.

Benefits of Membership

Expose and Route Plans for Global Governance by providing fellow Americans with organization, programs, campaigns, and educational tools.

Create Effective Grassroots Pressure on Congress by building informed influence locally. As support, FFS has developed an online Congressional Scorecard so Americans can discover whether their elected representatives are adhering to the limits imposed on government by the Constitution.

Build National Impact through Focus on Concerted Action Campaigns.   A monthly Action Report identifies selected issues of particular opportunity and importance and provides direction and support. Informed citizens do not squander their time fighting brush fires, rather they focus on stopping the arsonist.

Mold and Mobilize Local Public Opinion. Working in concert with other members, we host local events and organize supporting educational projects (e.g. speeches, billboards, literature tables in public places, and high profile public advertising).

Inform Ourselves and Others with books, articles, seminars, and DVDs.

Offer Concerned Americans the Opportunity to Get Involved and Organize for Victory!

Internet Resources Available to assist in exercising our influence.

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